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We carry a wide variety of premium quality chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall lamps, kitchen lighting amd bathroom lighting. One of the most important ways to decorate and accentuate a room is through the proper choice of lighting. From modern lighting to traditional light fixtures, we have something for you. At Premium Home Interior we are continually seeking out new lines and products to offer our customers. There are some tips when deciding on light fixtures for your home.

How much light do you need? Are you looking for a centerpiece that will add drama and light, such as a chandelier. A large chandelier can set the tone of the room and be an art piece for your space. Or do you need a simple flush mount light to add overhead light but not make a strong statement? A pendant light is a great way to add task lighting or several together can add enough light for a space. Wall lamps add wonderful ambient lighting to a room. Make sure to check out how many bulbs and the wattage per bulb on any fixture you are selecting.

Don't limit yourself when it comes to lighting. There's no rule that says chandeliers are only for a dining room, or pendant lights must be hung in a kitchen. Pendants could go in the bathroom; chandleliers in the bedroom. Vanity fixtures can be a must have for bathrooms, and don't forget that lighted mirrors such as the Tigris can be a great way to add even extra light, or all the light.

Lighting is a great way to add style to your space. Lights can come in so many different styles, finishes and materials. Glass or crystal are great ways to add sparkle or shine. Antique brass finishes can be retro, and black finishes are very on trend this season. 

We love lighting and want to offer you the best at the lowest prices! Tech Lighting, Besa Lighting, Dimond Lighting and ELK Lighting some of the highly popular and respected brands that we carry. Perhaps you are looking for a cool pendant lighting fixture for your kitchen or you need to brighten up your dining area. Find the perfect fixture you have been searching for here at Premium Home Interior.