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At Premium Home Interior, we know that ceiling fans are a must for achieving the perfect look and feel for your room as well as keeping you cool in style. We offer modern ceiling fans, traditional ceiling fans, unique ceiling fans and small and large ceiling fans.

Buying a new ceiling fan can seem like a daunting task for a homeowner; it's not a purchase that you make just everyday. Hopefully you are selecting a high quality item that will last you 20+ years. Choosing a ceiling fan can be easier if you follow a few simple guidelines.

First, what type of ceiling fan do you need?

Is the fan indoors or outdoors? An outdoor ceiling fan will be rated for damp or wet location use. These fans are made specifically with weather resistant parts to withstand the outdoors. A fan which can be used only for indoor locations will be rated dry location only. Of course, any damp or wet located fan can be used indoors as well, and many of our customers prefer the look of an outdoor ceiling fan and choose to put that inside their home. There often is little difference in how ceiling fans look when they are indoor or outdoor rated.

What is the size of the room? The size of your room will determine the size of your ceiling fan. Generally, a 52" ceiling fan is considered a standard size ceiling fan. Usually, the larger the fan diameter, the more air the fan will move. Some fans are offered in 54" or 60" configurations. These which are slightly larger than your standard size and would be a nice selection for today's homes which tend to have larger rooms. Extra large fans that are larger in 72" in diameter can circulate a larger amount of air, sometimes double or triple a standard size fan. These are great for larger spaces, warehouses, and large patios. And for those small spaces, 42" or 44" ceiling fans are great to circulate air in kitchens, mudrooms or small bedrooms.

What is the ceiling height? Generally, you want a fan to hang more than 7' above the floor, and not more than 10' from the floor. Hanging a fan 7' above the floor is for for safety as it should give you good clearance so that no one can hit their head on the fan. Hanging the fan more than 10' above the floor will lessen the airflow which you feel under the fan. Between 7'-10' is a matter of personal preference on how you would like the fan to look in your room. Make sure to note that we offer low profile ceiling fans, or hugger fans, which do not hang as low from the ceiling, so they can be used in rooms with lower ceilings. Furthermore, please visit our Accessories Page under Fans which has downrods listed by manufacturer. The additional downrods can help drop your fan to an appropriate height if you have high ceilings.

Do you need ceiling fans with lights? Many of our ceiling fans come with integrated light kits, offereing both a light source for your room and air circulation. Many manufacturers offer a LED ceiling fan to conserve energy and offer brighter light.

Fans keep you cool in the summer, circulate warm air in the winter, and can help save money on both air conditioning and heating costs. Choose from our many attractive, high quality ceiling fans. We aim to have the best prices and customer service. From modern to traditional, select a model which accents your decor and helps you stay comfortable throughout the year.