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Home Decor Trends for 2020

As we said goodbye to 2019, and hello to a new decade, it will be interesting to see what defines the 2020’s. The roaring twenties were definitely a memorable time, despite Prohibition throughout the US. Trend watchers are seeing a movement in this time towards more organic, sustainable, spa-like homes .The chaos many people may feel these last few years translates to wanting homes to retreat to. 


Sustainable Materials

Clients are asking more and more, what is something made of and where is it sourced from. Many are willing to spend more money on a sustainable material that they feel good about purchasing thinking it as something they will keep for a long time. They are willing to invest in these pieces, be it natural stone tile or ethically sourced wood tables.

Neutral Colors and Bold Colors

A color palette is moving towards warm, inviting neutral colors. Pastels will continue to be on trend, but away from the pinks to more grown up and refined neutral shades. Neutral colors create a relaxing, calming space.

On the other spectrum of this, we will also see designers creating spaces using a bold, one color scheme. An all blue room, walls and furniture included, or kelly green, are poping up by today’s top desginers. But today’s color will have a sophisticated tone in the way it is put together.

Organic Materials

We’ve seen trends for acylic, brass, and glass in the past, but now we are going to start seeing softer, more organic materials like rattan and natural woods. A penchant for Japanese inspired furniture and design pervades.


Trends are moving towards more color in the kitchen after several years of being all white. Painted cabinets are a big trend, which I personally love. Blues are definitely a favorite hue, but grey, black and green also have been on trend as well. Similarly, seeing the trend with sustainable materials, different natural countertops are on trend as well as sinks made from natural materials such as granite or copper.


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posted on 2/24/2020