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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for the Spring

Bringing out the Christmas decorations for the start of the holiday season always makes the home feel warm, inviting and cozy. However, after Christmas and new years wraps up, all the extra decorations can feel overbearing. It’s the start of a new year, with all those new years resolution. Whether yours focuses on your space or yourself, refreshing your home for the new year might sound like a wonderful idea! Here are five ideas to refresh your home for upcoming season.


Depending on your habits, you might have a little or a lot to give to the Marie Kondo test. Hopefully, you’ve heard about this Japenese organization guru. Hold up and item and ask, does it spark joy or do you have any use for it? If the answer is no, put it in a pile to donate. We all probably tend to have our go-to jeans, shoes, tops, etc. and 80% of the other clothes we own taking up precious real estate. Imagine what we could do with some extra space in the closet or drawers. This goes for kitchen dishes, utility rooms, kids toys, and the list goes on. You’ll feel lighter and brighter decluttering your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

I love an orchid and a few live plants in the home to make it feel alive. In some ways the natural lines of a living plant are artistic and draw the eye around the room. If you’re someone who struggles with keeping a plant alive, there are plenty of faux options that look really great.  Placing a few living or faux plants around the home and it can feel much more decorated and put together.


If you’re up for tackling a slightly bigger project, a fresh coat of paint can really spruce up your space. Whether you’re just refreshing your white walls, or painting a room a completely different color or adding an accent wall, paint can really transform a space. We recently painted our entire home inside and out, and I cannot tell you how much newer it felt. Be sure to give yourself time to empty those closets and cabinets and put them back together if you do take on such a large painting project.

Update your Accessories

Fall and winter are all about the cozy throws and pillows in rich fabrics or dark colors. Put those away and add some bright pops of color or light, neutral shades in natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Maybe you also roll up a darker rug and add something in a neutral color or jute material.

Decorate Your Walls

My house has had lots of blank white walls for many years and it’s high time to finally get some things up on them. Sometimes when you have more on the walls, you can get away with less furniture and other decorative items. If you don’t have a headboard for your bed, art above the bed can make it look finished. Or if you do have art on the walls, switching between rooms or reframing them can make your home look refreshed. How about trying to create a gallery wall with pieces you already have? 

I hope this helps you get some ideas on how to make your home ready for spring and this new year! Sometimes getting your space in order helps you get the rest of your life in order!


posted on 1/27/2020