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12 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home This Weekend

A recent home renovation project got us inspired on ways to deep clean a home. We had to do it, or live with all the dust, but it made me realize, it's not that hard to do a couple of these tasks every now and then. There is a great satisfaction you do get tackling some of these and living in a refreshed space. Here we go:

-Clean the curtains

-Clean the windows inside

-Clean the windows outside

-Magic eraser your walls (seriously this is amazing - you'll be surprised what you can get off)

-Dust your baseboards - if you have a vacuum attachment with a brush, this does it in double time!

-Clean your ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures

-Wash your mattress pad

-Dust your bookshelves (and try to donate any books you no longer use)

-Dust all your picture frames (and change some pictures too for a new look!)

-Clean the refrigerator (Take out everything and spray with a non-toxic disinfectant spray)

-Dust your window sills

-Vacuum upholstered furniture

If you get this list done, bravo! Hopefully it will help to inspire you to do at least a few.

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posted on 10/19/2018