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How to Select a Ceiling Fan

How to Select a Ceiling Fan

Here are the basics for selecting a ceiling fan for your home. Ceilng fans are a necessity in some parts of the country, especially for those that live in a hot climate or without central air conditioning. There's nothing like a nice breeze from an outdoor fan on a patio too! Now that there are so many beautiful ceiling fans available today, why wouldn't you want to put these energy saving items in your home? From the sleek styles from Modern Fan Company to more traditional fans, ceiling fans are a great way to accent your home.

For safe operation, fans should be 7 feet above the floor, with 8-9 feet of clearance being optimal. If you have a ceiling height of 7 feet or 7.5 feet, a hugger fan will give you the most clearance under the fan. 

If your ceiling is just a bit shy of 8 feet, consider a close to ceiling kit adapter to pull your fan up a couple of inches and give you more space underneath.

Most fans are designed for the standard 8-9 feet ceiling. If your ceilings are at this height, you won't need any additional downrods or close to ceiling kits.

And for tall ceilings over 9 feet, most fans are available with longer downrods, allowing you to create an appropriate drop for the fan. Remember, a fan too close to a tall ceiling won't circulate the air as well in a room as if you drop it down to a proper height. The mounting that comes with the fan will work fine with the longer downrods.

Finally, if you have vaulted ceilings, angled more than 30 degrees, you may need to purchase an additional sloped ceiling adapter.

Have fun selecting the right fan for your home. If you'd like the fan to make a statement, there are plenty of models for that, such as the Enigma, Dagny, or Palisade, just to name a few. And if you just want your fan to blend in, it's best to select one that's the same color as the ceiling, which usually is white. Happy fan shopping!

posted 1/24/2015

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How to Select a Ceiling Fan

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