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Interior Design Trends for 2016

Interior Design Trends for 2016

2015 is coming to a close with the holidays fast approaching. If you're thinking of revamping one room or your entire house in 2016, we have some trends that you may want to consider. Overall, 2016 has an organic and sustainable feel. Let's check out what's headed our way:

1. Incorporating nature. More and more people are thinking of their homes, bedrooms and bathrooms in particular, as their own personal spa-like retreat. In this, the incorporation of plants and lush vegetation helps to achieve such a feel. Whether it's incorporating plants into the design of a bathroom, or making sure to have a view of some lush landscape design, this trend helps to bring us a calming space.

2. Handmade products. One of a kind products (think Etsy!) or handmade items from far away lands (Africa, Asia), these products tend to bring and artistic and earthy feel to a space. With home design often with a modern bent, this is a nice way to counterbalance clean modern lines.

3. Dark walls in navy and grey continue to be a color trend. These colors can really dress up a room. To help show off the walls, fabrics with a little bit of sheen really stand out. Another trend in color is pink. Just the right shade with these dark colors makes for a killer color combination.

4. Organic textures/fabrics. Think jute rugs, lighting with metal, wood, rattan, organic fabrics. Some of our best selling items are large jute rugs which can anchor a room, provide texture and a neutral yet chic canvas for a room. Raw wood, marble, unfinished concrete. These are all materials that we will continue to see in 2016. The jute rug seen below is available here in 8 sizes.


5. 1980's gold? Close, but not that close. For so many years we've seen silver, nickel, and chrome, again going with the modern trend. Now, it seems that gold is taking a front seat with gold light fixtures, gold mirrors, or hardware. It provides a rich and opulent look. But don't think 1980's brass or a shiny gold. Today's look is more like a gold patina. We've got plenty of gold mirrors for you to select from to incorporate this trend into your home. 

All right, here's 5 trends in interior design for 2016. Are you ready to transform your space? We are ready to help you with new products for your home! Don't forget lighting and ceiling fans can set a great tone for a space.


posted 10/23/2015

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