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Color Trends for 2015

Color Trends for 2015

Using more color is a big trend for interior designers in 2015. No color is more iconic and classic than blue. From bright Meditteranean blue to navy, bold blues are on trend for today. Blues in textiles mixed with softer muted colors such as pastels or greens, blues in decorative accents, to blue paint, blue is a classic color that can be used for many looks and decors. We love the Blue Empress Mirror for a classic blue accent.

We love the use of glossy blue paint for the ceiling which gives the room a sophisticated and unique look. Rather than painting the walls, this paint on the ceiling helps to keep the space open and bright while drawing attention upwards. A great lighting fixture helps keep your eye going upwards too. We have so many wonderful and unique chandeliers to select from to achieve this same look.The below picture uses a glossy blue on kitchen cabinets. Colored cabinets is another design trend that gives your space a unique and customized look.

Mixing color with pattern is another trend for this year. Chevron, which captivated our attention last year, is still popular, but giving way to other bold geometric designs. We have an array of geometric rug designs that would achieve this look for you. Layering of color and pattern is a great way to achieve a bold and lively look.

And for those that love neutral tones, the neutral go to color this year is gray, or greige. Greige as designers coined the term, has a slightly warmer palette than traditional grey, to be able to use in large spaces to acheive a warm yet sophisticated look.


posted 7/6/2015

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