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Interior Design Trends 2017

Interior Design Trends 2017

Here are some of our favorite interior and home design trends of the years:

Subway tile. This staple has been around for awhile, but it we've especially seen it this year as simple, white subway tile in the kitchen. Inexpensive and elegant, white subway tile gives kitchens a clean and crisp look without breaking the bank.

Marble. What's better than marble to go with that crisp white subway tile? Marble on the other hand, does cost a bit, so all that money you saved on the tile can go towards the perfectly veined marble you put in your kitchen or bathroom! This classic combination of marble and subway tile will last for years to come. 

Mixing Antiques with Modern. Forget about keeping antique pieces within a period and mix them up with the modern to give your space charm and style.

Relaxing Retreats. Think long flowing curtains, soft rugs, luxurious bedding, pillows, throws. Create your own personal oasis with texture, textiles and a soothing palette. 2017 is about stepping away from the minimalistic, modern bedroom to create a place that feels like a luxury hotel.

Blush Pink. How can we overlook this color? It's taken over 2017 fashion with blush pink clothes, shoes, jackets and handbags. Everywhere you look you can't help but see this neutral flattering shade of pink. Why not invite it into your home with blush pink furniture, artwork, accesories and paint.

Velvet. A trend that comes and goes, velvet seems to always be a good idea, especially in 2017. Super soft and comfortable and it also can be very kid friendly and forgiving. This fabric is an ideal way to soften a room.


posted 9/15/2017

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